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Photo by Jonas Von Werne on Unsplash

What is this about?

This is about sharing ideas on engineering leadership.  It is 30% cathartic for me, and 70% intended to try to help developing leaders in engineering to openly discuss improving teamwork, effectiveness, and efficiency.  Cathartic because it took me a few years to start saying these things and hitting them head-on with my teams.  Helpful because I have found that technical competency is the easy part of engineering.  The hard part is building a real team.  I have a few hard knocks and wins under my belt, and I thought I might offer a forum to discuss this stuff openly

Who is this for?

- People looking to learn 

- People looking to teach

- Frustrated engineers

- Developing engineering leaders

- The disgruntled or disenchanted

Who is this not for?

- Reavers 

- Dementors

- Buggers

- Overlords

- Perfect leaders

- People who don't need people

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