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I am lucky to be a husband, a father of four young men, and an ever-developing leader in engineering leadership.  I strive to be better at all these jobs every day.

After graduating with a technical degree, I was able to progress from hands-on technical work in the laboratory and on test ranges to leading technicians delivering air and space power to customers.  I have experience in the Department of Defense and the private sector

I have striven to always be a high-valued member of the team and a leader by trust and example.  For me it is and always will be about the people, the team, the mission, the deliverables.  

I love it when my team wins.  Sometimes I get the assist.      


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So why listen to me?  Heck if I know.  All I have to offer you is 25+ years of hard-won lessons about what to do and not to do, and sometimes how to pull it off  

I am painfully introspective, which allows me to agonize over my every mistake.  I have the engineering discipline to pull success and failure apart and try to put them back together so I can improve.  

If you want more about my professional background, you can check out Linked IN or email me. 

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