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The  discipline of systems engineering is vital to the delivery of the right capability on time and under cost.  I fist saw the complexity of systems engineering as the laser communications lead for a satellite communication program.


We had requirements and interfaces driving designs from at least four different sources, risk reduction efforts to manage technology on- and off-ramps to allow for successful launch and payload operation, and a ton of technical and sciopolitical scrutiny/visibility.


I had to work with a very diverse and sdstributed team to implement controls and documentation than would help lock-down configurations and formalize changes.  We worked within and expanded upon architectures to ensure connectivity from user expectations to capability delivered. We were able to demonstrate risk reduction with a government fly-off demo, and to define a first-of-its-kind lasercom interoperability standard.  Since then I have carried that discipline with me.  

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  Selected Systems Engineering Achievements

  • Led agency review of F-35 flight emergency; mitigated risks, 10 assets worth $298M delivered on schedule

  • Drove $54M replan, saved $164M project from cancellation--delivered to need, cut >$19M life cycle costs

  • Led government/contractors to build first DoD free-space laser communication interoperability standard

  • Drove $4.2M upgrade for search & rescue radio; tested capability w/ users--achieved initial ops capability

  • Team won Air Force Space & Missile Systems Outstanding Scientist Team Award for Risk Reduction

  • Won Air Force Materiel Command Science & Technology Achievement Award for Pulsed Power Research


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